Embark on an inward journey of renewal and feel a deeper sense of connectedness to oneself and the beautiful nature that surrounds you.



Join us to Kauai’s sacred sites exploring areas not often seen in big tour groups or self-drive tours. These are spiritual tours but not religious.

Guests are guided by a storyteller / guide, and allowed to visit slowly through some of the most amazing scenery on Kauai.

Anya Love, yoga teacher, author and photographer, has crafted each tour to follow a particular theme focused on your spiritual unfoldment.  Our ideal tours move slowly and have flexibility. They are perfect for soul seekers who want to move within the context of the sacred place, of the spiritual energy around them and become images in that magnificent landscape.

All our Spiritual Tours are Private or Semi-private – focusing on only you or your group.


We Currently Offer Tours on

Tuesday .  Thursday .

Please schedule in advance as Tours are held only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, depending on availability.

To schedule or with any questions text Anya directly


All participants of Spiritual Tours receive complimentary Palo Santo stick (Sacred Tree from South America)

  • Kauai Hindu Temple Tour is one of Anya’s favorite places on Earth.  Kauai Hindu Monastery is modern day wonder and visiting it leaves a lasting spiritual impression on ones soul. Each tour is individually guided and customized to ones particular liking.  We are able to attend a private morning ceremony or Puja, or stroll around discovering history and meanings of this highly spiritual place.  Tour last about 2 hours, from 10am.
Kauai Hindu Temple Tour
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