The most important thing to Anya is you leave class feeling connected to your heart and the island of Kauai.

A classically trained ballet dancer from Russia and long-time yoga instructor, Anya relishes the balance that yoga brings to the mind and body.

She enjoys helping people heal and release their pain. With over 17 years of teaching experience, Anya guides people from all paths to find harmony with their bodies, minds and emotions. She passionately believes in the abilities of yoga and nature to heal the body and to caress the spirit.

Anya was inspired to teach after the birth of her daughter. Yin yoga helped Anya to manage the pain from a child birth hip injury that drugs could not heal. Yoga is more than movement – the mental and spiritual journey is tightly woven with the physical. She delights in helping children and adult beginners to discover the joy for yoga. Anya is grateful to share with others the gentle, graceful approach of yoga to life.

Anya also offers wonderful services as a Wedding Minister

and Hawaii Real Estate agent here on Kauai,

and MultiFamily Real Estate investor.


Will Glass began his journey as a yoga teacher in 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona. In just a few months he was on the schedule at the Valley’s hottest Vinyasa studios such as Modern Yoga, Lifepower Yoga and Montelucia Resort. After visiting the Island of Kauai every year for half a decade, Will realized his heart belonged in a more peaceful setting.. Setting his intention on relocating his family to Hawaii, Will moved in the winter of 2017 and has since taught regularly on the beach at Kauai Shore Hotel. Will teaches a variety of levels and specializes in leading practitioners in his “Will Power” class that blends a variety of asana and calisthenics to help students lengthen, strengthen, balance and breathe.


Jodi was drawn to the island of Kauai at a young age mesmerized by the natural beauty and the strong spiritual connection she experienced. Staying fit and healthy has always been a top priority for Jodi but she didn’t fall in love with yoga until 10 years ago when she went to her first beach yoga class in Kapaa taught by Anna Bazalar. She’s been hooked ever since and now teaches beach yoga at several locations on the East side of Kauai with Kauai Yoga on the Beach.  Jodi completed her 200 hour teaching training in La Fortuna, Costa Rica in 2021 and is eager to share “all things yoga” with others. “I stepped out of my comfort zone to attend the training at Brave Earth in Costa Rica not knowing anyone, with a goal to deepen my own practice and make some new friends. I accomplished both and in doing so realized that yoga can be so much more than I originally thought! It can change your life, infuse you with a sense of calm, provide the much needed balance in your life, the effort with the ease, and this can stay with you long after you roll up your mat. When Jodi isn’t taking a yoga class or teaching one you may find her hiking or biking, gardening or cooking, or quite possibly planning another adventure abroad.  Join Jodi for a slow flow Vinyasa class which incorporates conscious breathing, body awareness and connecting to your highest self. “ My goal is to share my love of yoga and in the process hopefully bringing a little more ease and peace into someone’s day!


Vera Live, Founder Propel to Well
global mindfulness, meditation and yoga professional

Vera’s successful business career has been fueled by a personal dedicated yoga practice. Since becoming a certified Mindfulness and Yoga Trainer in 2009, she works with all populations to practice mindfulness for healthy and purposeful life. Vera Live is motivated to guide you to harness the power of attention through guided meditation. Having worked for BP, Exxon, Multnomah county in Portland and Nike, she has a proven track record of delivering tangible results to her clients.
Vera believes an “Holistic and preventative approach to health is a key to a fulfilled life.”

Vera Live is a certified Tension and Trauma Release Provider (TRE) and a founder of Hack your Aging Program “Propel to Well”

Vera was trained in Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) by Lynea Gillen and attended seminars with Dr. David Berceli. TRE has been one of the most effective, life-improving, self-help treatments Vera has used for her own body. Through the practice of TRE, students and clients have learned the process of relaxing their bodies to regain a deeper peace in their own lives. As a TRE Provider, Vera is passionate about sharing TRE and helping people experience life to the fullest.


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